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Government Underground Bunkers For Sale
Realty Executives Arizona Territory / Realtor.com Secure fortified shelters for sale Take a look at the weird and wonderful abandoned bunkers for sale right now From decommissioned nuclear bunkers to dilapidated military barracks, these properties will allow you to drop off the radar and prep for everything from a zombie apocalypse to Armageddon.

Las Vegas House With Doomsday Bunker for Sale

Only about two miles from the Las Vegas strip, an ordinary-looking house sits on top of a 15,000-square-foot bomb shelter. The massive doomsday bunker is listed for $18 million, including a 5,000
Arizona Nuclear Bunker for Sale for Under $400K
Arizona Nuclear Bunker for Sale for Under $400K Site previously housed Titan II missiles If you’ve ever wanted to live or work in a converted nuclear missile complex, this might be your moment.

This atomic bomb-proof bunker for sale in Sweden is …

 · The atomic bomb-proof bunker may seem niche, but Nilsson said there has been plenty of interest, and bidding is currently at 1.9 million kronor ($234,600) from …
Nuclear Missile Silo for Sale in the Arizona Desert
 · Nuclear Missile Silo for Sale in the Arizona Desert – Take a Look Inside Nov 22, 2019 Ian Harvey Bunker for sale A missile silo is for sale and can be yours if you want it. Many people have private dreams of a special space to call their own. That place might be a

Missile Bases, Communication Bunkers, & Underground …

8,800 sq. ft. of nuclear hardened underground floor-space Three-phase electrical power One-ton hoist at main entry On-site well and 10,000 gallon stainless steel water storage tank Duel sewage ejector pumps all in place and functional; one functional bathroom
Silos and Bunkers For Sale
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Nuclear bunker put up for sale on eBay
Nuclear bunker put up for sale on eBay but will it cost a bomb? By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 05:49 EDT, 8 March 2010 12 View comments The Cold War may be …
Dream homes for sale with their own private bunkers
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Cold war bunker for sale for £1.5m comes with half …

A Cold War bunker hidden beneath a humble bungalow is set to open to the public – with a half-megaton nuclear WARHEAD inside. The remarkable bunker was built in 1953 and was still used by the
Domestic Nuclear Shelters
We specialize in the building of Type 4 bomb shelters. These are the types that require professional construction and cannot be built on a ‘DIY’ basis. Please note that due to the fact that professional input is essential, also that specific dense materials are required to stop gamma radiation and that heavy duty construction methods are involved, Type 4 Bunkers are expensive.

Cold war nuke bunker in UK goes on sale for $50K

 · Built to survive a nuclear bomb blast and with enough provisions for two months, the one room shelter also comes complete with the original rust bunkbed frames and a dubious working toilet.

Missile Bases, Communication Bunkers, & Underground …

The property is to be sold “as is.” Furnishings and equipment to be included with the sale are negotiable. Asking Price: $1,600,000 – Or Best Offer Property features include: Exterior 34 secluded acres (141 acres to E. possibly for sale) ½ mile paved

Luxurious $17.5 million nuclear bunker-turned-housing …

1 of 38 A $17.5 million luxury bomb shelter is for sale in Tifton, Georgia, with 12 apartments, a movie theater, and walls designed to resist a 20 kiloton nuclear blast, according to a listing by
Boise fallout shelter on the market for $2.1 million
 · “And it’s up for sale for $125,000.” It sold for $150,000 in 2003 to Boise businessman Jon Farren. The 14,000 square-feet left Farren with a lot of room to spare, which he’s been lending to local

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check our bomb shelters for sale. Our shelters will provide maximum protection, keeping your entire family safe. These are also capable of protecting water, food and other valuable possessions. We have the best Bunkers for sale and also have the For a

MAPPED: There are hundreds of secret nuclear bunkers …

And apocalypse-fearing Brits have been rushing to snap up bomb proof bunkers that will keep them safe. Some have spent £30,000 on the tiny holes in the ground. Thousands of bunkers were built in the last Cold War when nuclear attack seemed likely. And 1,500